my look out list

Just a few things I'm dying to come across in the next few months.

1. A mannequin to display all my jewelry and such!
2. A vintage looking mirror or two - to be revamped and renewed
3. An old worn out wagon which I'll re paint cream. To pull our sweet Colton in down the isle at the wedding
4. A pretty chandelier - vintage or not
5. Clear canisters for the kitchen
6. Two corkboards for our office/computer room to display my overflowing collection of inspiration!
7. A perfectly fun wallpaper that I have lots of plans for
8. Just the right vintage inspired fabric to re cover our bar stool chairs

Ok - that's a long enough list for now. That should give me a good start. I would like to do most of my searching in Vancouver at some of their quirky little vintage shops.

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