I had just started getting into the Domino Magazine when they were forced to stop production due to the economic down turn last January. The point I'm getting at is Domino was THE best home style magazine a gal could feast her bright blue eyes on. I now continually look online for designs from Domino's older issues and this one featured below is pretty darn cute. This New Year I'm going to try and stick to thrifty, DIY tasks and so far I don't mind it one bit. In fact I've never been this happy (for this long) with the style I have in our home right now (usually I'm recruiting our friends to help me paint and move our furniture around every few months). I love the grey wall art and the painted white side table that isn't on the side of anything at all. My next DIY project ... our entry way which is too hideous to even post although I'll consider posting the after photo perhaps. Happy almost NY but don't forget to enjoy the rest of 2009 lovelys!

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