a tiny heart

Although I've been down with a flu the past few days, I was really hoping I would be well enough to go with Colton and my sister to her first ultrasound today and I was! With the lights really low, Colton instantly got a little scared seeing his Mom on the table with a doctor rubbing jelly on her tummy. I did my best Aunty love hug when the tears began although I know and so does he, there's nothing like your Mumma's hug even if your Aunty loves you so so very much! Although it was a quick appointment, Colton and I  did get to see the little being and the little heart beating away. The baby is only ONE inch long right now! Amazing ... I remember seeing Colty's heart beating on the monitor at the same point in my sister's pregnancy last time so it was really special to have Colty here safe and healthy and to have him involved in the celebration of another addition to all our lives. And so another journey begins and another life begins and while not everything happens the way you've planned, I've come to know that these are the times that make your family what it really is.

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