I have decided to take down my post from earlier today. I have never done that before although I also tend to keep my blog rather fun and light and I have never intentionally posted anything political or hot before. This morning I created a post in response to another bloggers post about single motherhood. My blog is meant to be a safe, creative environment and that is why I have decided to take the post down, in order to keep it that way.

Regarding my earlier post, I believe it is very difficult to know what causes one blogger to feel a certain way when you don't know their story or what has caused them to feel the way they do. Therefore I can see how difficult it can be to use your blog as a forum for political or controversial topics without playing the back and forth game. I also feel that as humans, we are ALL triggered by one thing or another and if I can admit what mine are, the better I can deal with them so that's what I'm doing now. Thanks to my readers for your comments and I do hope to keep that connection as clear as I possibly can!

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