must make: ginger snap smoothie

We all know the health benefits that ginger can bring so I'm very excited that I found this ginger smoothie recipe! I'm really into my morning smoothies with whatever fruits and yogurt I have on hand mixed with flax seeds but I really wanted to try a ginger smoothie. I found this yummy recipe at http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/. You can find a whole ton of amazing looking vegan dishes and recipes for your over all well being. The website has sections like "calming foods" or "energizing foods" - gotta love that! Check out the site and don't forget to sip on this while you're at it.

Spiced Ginger Snap Smoothie

1/4 tsp cayenne
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp nutmeg
Additional tsp of ginger
Additional tsp of cinnamon

Blend until smooth & garnish with cinnamon and cayenne sprinkles and a fresh shaved ginger slice.

Note: You can use fresh ginger in this smoothie. Just add 1 tsp fresh ground ginger to the blender. Although still use the powder because it gives it that nice ginger snap cookie flavor.

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