shots of love

Fun valentines day inspired photo shoots for all you love birds! Above photo courtesy of erin hearts court! I love the cherry red balloons in the bottom shot! I never really am much for celebrating Valentines Day. Yes of course I love my finance very much - I'm just not much into receiving the typical roses and chocolate and buying pink & red glittery cards the day before. I'm happy with things like my 'J' imprinted blueberry pancakes Ben made for me at six am this morning. Although since we don't get to spend too much time together just the two of us, this year I put my requests in:
{1}. See Dear John 
{2}. Hot tubbing and champagne in the rain

He wasn't too impressed with my Dear John request although when I told him it surpassed Avatar, he thought it couldn't be ttthhatt bad. We'll see!
Rather than saying Happy Valentines Day, I'll say take the opportunity to tell the people you love, just how much. Are you thankful for ...
 * having that hand to hold when you need it * that touch base call from your Mom or your sister every morning * the toothy smile from your little one every day * the challenges you incur throughout your life that only show you just what you are truly capable of * the people who love you unconditionally even when you're not necessarily lovable *

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