so rosey

I finally purchased the shoes. I more so purchased them because they were an incredible steal and I needed to decide on shoes very soon because my dress still needs to be hemmed. They weren't what I originally had in mind but after I tried them on and thought a little more about it, I realized that they'll be pretty perfect for the day.  I guess for me, things have really come down to what I can live without and what I can't. I had found Steve Madden pumps a few months ago but they were well over $100 and my thought was that, for me, I wouldn't have worn them all night (perhaps because I bought the CUTEST, comfiest reception shoes ever) and I likely wouldn't have worn them again for a long, long time (I doubt I'd come off as very practical wearing them to class)! So I decided that I'd better find some that were on the less expensive scale.

** P.S. My dress is very very not white in case any minds are curious ** 

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