I Want Candy

Making your own candy bar is easier than you think. Finding candy in shades of pink, however, is harder than it seems. You would think goodies like rock candy, twizllers, or pink grapefruit slices could be found at one of Walmart, Superstore, Dollar Store, Safeway, and I even tried Winners! I know they're out there but almost impossible to find. ALMOST but I found organic lollipops and pink sour cherry bombs at Winners, sour watermelons and light pink jelly beans at Superstore, and finally pink jelly candies and good old lollipops at Safeway. Tonight I sat down and made pretty labels and signs for each jar of candy . I'm planning on using wide mouth mason jars and a few other clear jars in shorter & taller shapes that I've been collecting for the past few months to hold the candy. Glass apothecary jars like the photos below were much too expensive and since this was sort of a last minute project, I wasn't up to adding a whole lot to our budget. 

{Tip 1}: The amount of candy used should really be based on how much you will need in order to create a full, decorative table. Don't bother basing it on how much you want per guest. If the table looks sparse and incomplete, it will lack impact and be uninspiring. 

{Tip 2}: Use a fun, bright, co-ordinating colored tablecloth for the candy table to really add depth and interest!

{Tip 3}: DEFINITELY look at your local thrift shops for jars (they always have a ton) and even try antique shops. I'm a bit of a regular at the Salvation Army. I've found so many great things I've been able to use here and there. And while you're finding what you need, you're also supporting a huge local agency that provides more to our communities than we may realize.

(Tip 4}: Check out inspiring blogs like Amy Atlaselizabeth anne designs, and as always Martha Stewart has some pretty ideas.

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