Our DIY Just Married Banner & More!

Okayyyyy ... the just married banner was supposed to be the last project. I hope it stays that way because it's done! I'm feeling pretty ready to focus on the oh so important things like tanning and teeth whitening, lol, jk! I am tanning and whitening my teeth prior to the big day but believe me, I feel like I have to tear myself away from other to-do's to get those kinds of fun things done. I wondered if perhaps we might do a little photo shoot with us each holding an end of the banner if nothing else. It may be too petite to hang off of the old school truck but we'll see. I re-posted the bride & groom chair and the reserved signs because I added tiny butterfly wings to each one. I love it! I found the template online and became a little obsessed. Don't be surprised if you see little butterflies scattered about on the big day. If you're interested in the butterfly template, just let me know. I'll have to wade through all my templates for you but it's so pretty and so worth it.  P.S. Now that my classes are done (minus two exams to go!) I'm allowing myself to get really excited about my up and coming bridal shower and of course my bachlorette party my sister is throwing me. I am still on the look out for a vintage inspired floral dress for my bridal shower - it shouldn't be but it's been impossible to find! I'm not giving up because I know it's out there and I wanna wear it!  

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