Are we there yet?!

Testing, testing. Organizing a blog from start to finish takes for what feels like FOREVER! I missed all the sunshine today doing it but I know it needs to be done. Notice the new signature ;) and a few other things here and there. I chose the particular signature because it's actually scarily similar to my own writing. I started off my morning with breakfast and a catch up at the Atlas with Mom and although I spent most of the day pretty low key, editing shots from the wedding I photographed yesterday, I am still tired! That always seems to be the case. Speaking of love, my husband has been working on a project away from home for well over twelve hours today. Even before he left early this morning, I was reflecting on how deeply thankful I am for the man I am married to. He never lets me down, always takes care and caution in keeping me safe and happy, and he exceeds expectations in everything he does. For those and many other reasons, I'm thankful. I'll leave you with this photo from our wedding day ~ how can you not see the amazingness in this boy?!
 I'll be back soon! 

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