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Last night I finally went and bought myself my gym membership (which was the easy part I know). I don't know WHY I deprive myself of something I love so much and it's not even as though I don't see results from my hard work. I usually do right away when I'm consistent. It felt so amazing to be back at it last night and even though I couldn't lift NEARLY as much as I use to, I honestly felt teary when I was exercising.... yes I said teary. I couldn't believe it either! It's been obvious for a long time now that this type of exercise works well for my body and I need it. I once read that unless you've missed literally days worth of sleep, working out (in whatever form) will be significantly more beneficial for you than sleep would be at that particular time. (Assuming the excuse is "I'm too tired"). So now that I've rambled on I'll try and get back to the subject ...

Cute roooom huh. I love the lilac grey and cotton color combo. Wall art seems to be the newest way to add a little something to bare walls. This birch tree wall art creates an organic feel. While you could stick the the lilac grey and cotton like colors, you could also turn it up a notch (like this mom to be did) with the tangerine printed crib bedding or another equally as gorgeous contrast color like a deep chocolate brown or a royal blue in small doses around the room. 
Images originally found on one of my favorite nursery design blogs Project Nursery.

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