DIY Scrabble Piece Ornaments

Try this! Such a simple way to personalize some of your tree ornaments. It feels a little rustic, yet modern enough to fit the style of most homes. You may be totally into scrabble {no judgement, lol} and therefore you may not want to dissemble your set so instead you can check local thrift stores for old scrabble games.This might be a fun little project to do with your kids - let them choose some words that remind them of Christmas, like brr, grinch, cheer or hohoho! {images via mysweetsavannah}.

What you'll need:
* Scrabble pieces
* Glue gun
*Scrabble trays
* Hand/Chop Saw or something to cut the scrabble trays to fit your chosen words

Simply choose your word and line it up on the scrabble tray. Mark the ending of the words with a pencil and then cut the tray to the marked size. Next, glue your letters in place. If you chose to hang them on the tree, you can use a small drill bit to drill two holes in the top middle area of each tray. To make it extra pretty {cuz I know we like it that way}, use a candy cane striped red and white ribbon to hang or something that coordinates with your tree ornaments. VOILA!

P.S. For the record, I love scrabble.
P.S.S. I would use this idea for other occasions/crafts as well. Maybe thanksgiving or a dinner, as part of a centerpiece or at a child's birthday party on the table, spelling out the child's name and age or even as labels for your food and drinks at any party. 

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