blushy pink photo play

Ben bought me a new lens for our camera. I'm really loving it, although, I was hesitant at first. It probably goes hand in hand with things like when I classically order the same food at my same favorite restaurants or my morning ritual of opening my bedroom window and blinds right away then crawling back into bed for a few winks. Maybe I'm stuck in my stubborn ways but I hope I don't behave that way when it comes to things that really matter. 

I remember my Dad telling me (in my teen years) that it took him a long time to realize that most things in life are not necessarily black and white. He said he could see that my thinking was very similar to how his use to be. He explained to me that in his life experience, this kind of thinking did not get him far. In the same conversation, he urged me to widen my thought process and recognize the reality of the grey in between the black and white. I thought I'd give my new lens a try even though it seemed a little uncomfy and unfamiliar but I pummeled through my stubborn nature and I actually really love it. I whipped off my wedding rings and uncovered my blusher veil/headpiece that I wore for our wedding. I put the two together for some trial shots and below is the outcome. I wish I could wear my headpiece again. I hope I will one day. I'm just not sure when. For now, it makes a pretty darn pretty backdrop for my playing around photography!


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