DIY Fabric Banner

Just a little reminder that will sit in my kitchen ... in case I forget where the heart is maybe ;) I've been looking for a blue colored fabric to make a banner out of for a while now and I happened to be in Walmart with a gf and we spotted new fabric bunches that Walmart seems to be carrying now. They had tons of options and there was more than enough to make maybe even a second banner. Even better, the fabric bunches are only $2 per bunch. The fabric rosettes are my latest obsession. I can't stop. But I think I should because I'm not so sure that everything needs a rosette added to it ... or does it? It makes life a little prettier and I know sometimes we need a little extra embellishment here and there. 

I'm off to visit with my cousin who just touched down from Colorado. She's coming straight here to see my brother who is finally home from Japan. He's sort of in high demand right now around our neck of the woods ;) 

P.S. I remember I had written a post a day or so before the earthquake happened & I had said that part of my heart was in Africa (my Dad) & the other part (my brother Chayse) was in Japan. As the excruciatingly long week unfolded, somehow (I don't really know how or ultimately why) but we were all brought back together. My Dad has never come back home for any reason amidst the middle of his turn around in Africa. I overheard someone ask him "so they just let you take a personal leave then?" My Dad looked at us, smiled and said "well they didn't have much choice". I am so thankful to have had my Dad home with us for this past week. I know he had to go through hell and high water to get home but it's no surprise ... that's just who he is. Don't forget to really love the ones you love friends.



  1. So beautiful Jess ! I love them !! xoxo Roxy

  2. I love it! I have been working with fabric a lot lately. I found this little treat box tutorial and thought of you.

  3. Thanks Rox & thanks so much to you too Kendra!