tutu luv

I know, two posts in one day. Can you see that I'm tryin' to get back at it here with my little blog set back. My lovely girlfriend Laura came to visit me today and she brought her sister Aly over too. Aly made this breathtakingly gorgeous pale pink tutu for me! i.am.so.in.love. She thought I could use it for newborn photo sessions and {of course} for my own little babe one day if we're blessed with a girl. Although, if we are blessed with a boy, blessed we'll be indeed.
I whipped out my camera as soon as they left {so I wouldn't seem like a total freak in front of them of course} and photographed it's prettiness for you to see! Aly has her own little bundle of girly joy, Dakota, who's always decked out in pretty accessories. Isn't Dakota the cutest name! You can likely find Aly's tutu's at Shipwrecked, located downtown Courtenay on 6th Street, right next to The Atlas. Do you love the simple butterfly tag attached with twine like I love it?! Can't wait to try it out - thanks so much Aly!



  1. You photographed it perfectly pretty, Jessica. I recently saw the idea of wrapping a tutu around a lampshade. It looked very sweet!
    Have a happy day xx

  2. Thank you so very much for your sweet words, xo!