bar star

What about a fun bar for your event? Guests tend to lovvvve something a little different, something a little more fun! Something like this is especially perfect for when guests don't know one another very well. It gives everyone something to talk about and something to do together. Gather your girlfriends or Aunts and  ask if anyone might be interested in baking you one pie to contribute to your wedding pie bar. Honor their graciousness in helping you by labeling each pie with Aunt ___'s  Bumbleberry Pie! What about an ice cream bar ... YUM! Try adding gormet flavors and toppings like cherries or crushed almond. I think my most favorite of all is the idea of the pie bar or a made with love cookie bar. If I did it all over again {our wedding that is}, I would definitely beg my Mother in law to bake a few of her FABULOUS fresh pies for our big day instead of a cake and I would have definitely done a homemade cookie bar! One of my Aunts made my very favorite Ginger Cookies for our big day and we added them to our candy bar. Ya can't go wrong with cookies (and milk) folks!


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