easter luv

There's quite the history behind this car the boys are sitting in. Any one of the kids in my family can tell you. We all ate our Easter dinner outdoors in my Aunty's back yard, soaking in the first really incredible day of sun we've had in months. Both boys were barefoot and happy but Colty spotted the cars which were actually hung up on the garage wall. My Uncle happily crumbled under the pressure of Colton's sweet "pleaseeeeee!"

 Our Uncle had to do a ton of re organizing to get it down but he did it anyhow so Colt could try it out! I explained to Colton that Mommy had driven in that car and Aunty too had driven in the car when we were little. He responded saying "Mommy drive, Aunty drive, Chayse drive, Toton's little too". He looked at me for a minute and then said "Uhhh, Tolton drive car too". He was so patient while our Uncle moved other things to get it down. We thought we'd let Eli have a quick chance too and although Colton wasn't quite sure at first, he whipped around and gave his brother a kiss on the head. Now if that ain't cute, what the heck is?!

C is for Colton and E is for Eli :) I bought these bags pictured below to house their Easter goodies in (the only two left in the store). They suited them pretty perfectly with the green bunny and the baby blue chickadee. We had an Easter dinner at my Aunty's house last night and because we wouldn't see the boys today, we gave them their little bags there. Get ready for the worst Aunty moment I've had yet ...

I bought Colty the Crayola Colored Bubbles and FYI they are awwwwwful! They're pure dye, they DON'T rise out simply as they state they do, and when they say blue they mean BLUE. As you can see in the photo right above this of Eli in his hand knit sweater we bought him for Christmas, Colty happened to be wearing his that we bought him too when I started to help him open his colored bubbles. As I was opening them, they seriously started dripping everywhere. ALL over his hands, his bare feet, all over the grass we were sitting on and even in his hair. He started vigorously trying to wipe the bright blue dye off his hands and onto his sweater and I started screaching "no, no ... someone get a cloth!" My little OCD panic attack scared him so badly, he started crying and crying hard! Ohh my did I ever feel bad once I realized that my panic made him panic. I swear I do realize that the more you freak out, the more the child will do the same but I didn't even realize I was sounding so panicky. In true Colty fashion, my terrible Aunty-ness didn't seem to phase him all that badly because once we wiped up the excess dye the best we could (which wasn't really all that good at all, thanks Crayola), he ran off to go "dig dirt" with the blue streak of dye stuck in his hair and all. Meanwhile, the crowd of family around me was congratulating me on my awesome Easter gift. I had faith in Crayola ... what can I say?! P.S. Colton is potty training so I thought he needed a few pairs of big boy under pants. I figured the Mr. Happy collection would do the job. We'll see. 

For Eli, we bought him some SUPER cute retro style swim shorts for our up and coming trip to Hawaii and a pair of jeans for the summer. Casey offered to snap the shot of Eli and I because I don't yet have one shot of him and I together. I am so thankful he is around. Him being here makes me feel exactly the way I look in that photo ... so happy. Just so it's even, I have to say I feel the exact same way about Colty too! In case their Mum reads this - she always wants them to have an equal amount of love ;) I guess that's one of the reasons she's such an amazing Mumma. Happy Easter!


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  1. Hi jess you always talk of things from the heart. I look forward to your blogs and they always make me think of Family togethernes and of how blessed I truely am to have you all in my life xoxo Dad