sweet surprise

Look what I got in my inbox today! Many of you might know just how expensive it can be to have a custom logo and/or business site made. This extra pretty one showed up in my email inbox today by the very talented Samantha at obadesigns. Her local company is called Oba Paper Design and she specializes in gorgeous stationary and invitations. Clickity click here to get to know her and what she does a little better! Samantha generously offered to make me this logo, although, we've never even spoken to one another before. She mentioned that she feels strongly that small businesses need to represent themselves professionally but cannot always due to budget. I love that and often that is the case when you're just starting out. I so very much appreciate her time and generosity and I told her just what I thought of it when I opened the email ... I couldn't have designed it any better myself! The heart detail, the little sparrow chickadee, the soft pink and fun font ... I love it so much. I think that's pretty neat considering I've never ever spoken to or met her before. Don't ya'll think?! I think I'd better pass on the kindness in the next few days here :)

Happy weekend all!

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