I spent an early morning in Cumberland with the Petersen Family today! Two amazing little boys {Brett & Blake}... two amazing parents ... a gorgeous home and a very cute family pupp! It can sometimes be tough for Mom and Dad to gather their children in order to take photos, especially when they reach the almost two year mark. Although, I told them this then and I'll say it again ... my very favorite photos are ALWAYS the ones that are un posed, natural, and lifestyle like. I love the one of Brett & his Dad playing outside (the very last frame). It was clear today that Heather is so incredibly natural with her boys and I really admire her go with the flow style. It's even more clear in the photos of her with her littlest darling.

This is their first little peek at their session :) Thank you so much for thinking of me and for all your patience and multitasking today Heather & Aran!

P.S. Happy Mothers Day Heather!

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  1. Such nice photos Jess, and what a beautiful family!