* Our roadtrip to the most Southernest Point in the USA, was so windy that the trees in this place all grow completely sideways like the photo below
* There was a market in our little town. I bought myself a huge turquoise ring, Ben a few tee's, and a massive butter avocado and red pepper for our enchilada dinner we were making later on that night
* I was totally diggin the Bob Marley fabric poster at the market but something told me that it wouldn't quite match the rest of my home
* Gotta love the random zebra (and donkey which is not shown) on the side of a a random road with the please don't feed sign. Hana was overjoyed at the sight of the random zebra.
* The windmill photo was encouraged by my brother. He thought they were really cool and I was not all that impressed. He convinced me to snap a photo as we were driving by and I actually love the shot with those cotton candy hued clouds. So there you go Chayse, it's a keeper
* The grassy landscape was a total change from what most of our side of the island looked like. It was very pretty though with all the long grasses and bluffs. I love the very last shot of the little sparrows on the fence and the crazy blue sky above them
* You know the pineapple in Hawaii is yummy when it can make a girl who didn't like it before, suddenly crave it all the time. It was SO good. Everyone forced me to try it and I'm so glad they did. Can you seriously go to Hawaii and not even TRY their pineapple?! 

I still need to get to editing the photos from the Luau we went to on the night of my birthday. It was so entertaining so those will be next & more beach shots of the prettiest beach we'd gone to. It was too bad we discovered it on the afternoon of our last full day there. Stay tuned!

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