Dress Day ...

My Mom, her best friend and my sister went with me to Victoria yesterday to pick up my dress and we brought it back home with us! I have only gotten into it ONCE since yesterday at the store and I have a good explanation of why (lol! The dress came with tiny cap sleeves which I refused to try it with although sitting alone with my dress last night (Ben's away for the weekend), my curiosity of what the small strap/sleeve might look began to grow. I'm sure am glad I tried it because I LOVED IT! My sister saddled me all up in it this morning & we took a look just the two of us at the difference they made. That will be the last try on for a while and now that I'm a happy girl, it's going to live in my closet for the next four months. P.S. Blush Bridal really is the sweetest little shop with the sweetest owners ever ... does this card not say it all?

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