tux me

We have finally decided on a cream colored suit for the boys - much like this one below. We are definitely going for the light pink tie for all the boys & we're still trying to decide if Ben will have a little something different. He'll be the only one with a boutonnière for two reasons: One - so that he stands out a little more, and two - it's a definite way to cut down on floral costs, particularly when you have seven groomsmen! I put my dress up next to the cream suit and once my Mom, her friend and my sister saw it, they were finally on board although it took a ton of convincing prior that I knew what I was talking about! It feels good to get that decision out of the way. It's a big one and when you have such a large wedding party, all the coordination takes a lot of time to plan. Done and done! P.S. My Dad's tip of the day (all the way from Africa): don't forget why you are getting married. It's not about all the fancy plans, it's about you & your partner and if nothing else, you just need to get there and make that commitment in front of the people who matter the most. Thanks Dad for being there today to remind me what our wedding day is really all about!

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