I'm really into making banners. I've made one for our wedding which I think I'll continue to add to even though I think it's pretty as is too. I also just finished one for Colton's first birthday party with light yellows and bright oranges, blues, grass greens and sky blues. Here's just a quick idea of a few I found that I love, love, love. Your banner can be as easy or as complex as you want them to be and since mine were made with scrapbook paper and card stock, there was no sewing involved (yay)! I think I'll post a tutorial sometime soon. I've used twine to string mine together but you might want to consider red & white bakers twine, ribbon, or whatever else might float your boat. Just a few knick knacks you could incorporate: buttons, lace, or inspirational words or quotes - the list can go on and on! I'll post photos of my projects soon!

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