today's end

You know the days when your feet are aching so bad and you can barely stand up straight for another moment? The days when you walk in the door and scrape your leg on that stupid corner, the same way you always do yet you never seem to make the time to change something so you don't repeat it ever again. The days where instead of being able to cuddle up next to your partner and talk about your day, you feel compelled to get into your pj's immediately (if not sooner) and go to bed and not say another word for the next twelve hours? The days when you get home and look a hell of a lot worse than you did when you got up and left your house? Before I get to the "hop in my bed and not speak for another 12 hours" stage, I needed something to remind me of how blessed I really am. So here's hoping that tomorrow I am able to recollect myself and carry on ... it's not so bad.  

To lighten my heart {and maybe yours}

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