Chignon Bun How To

I still haven't entirely decided on a hair style for the wedding day. I have thoughts but because I'll be wearing a blusher veil with a big, pretty peony attached, I think I can only do so much in terms of hair style. I originally wanted to wear it insanely curly (more of a brushed out style though). Now, I think wearing up will be more comfortable for the evening because I wanna dance all night!! I have thought a lot about a Chignon Bun Style. Just a few words I would want to use to describe the look I'm hoping for: a little messier then the tight & library like bun, lower than a typical chignon bun, and romantic as hell. Love it. If you're up for the task, there are some simple instructions below. Always remember you can alter it to your personal preference.

You can use these instructions for either a braided or unbraided ponytail style. To finish this style use bobby pins to secure it. You might leave a small piece left out to wrap around and conceal the elastic.  

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