DIY Baby Birthday Decor

I have up to my ears in DIY projects lately. Colton is turning one this weekend and I wanted to at least make him a one year old birthday banner BUT I got on a roll and made him a whole ton of fun birthday party decor. I will post more photos soon of not just this but other DIY projects I've been working away on. Lots for the wedding too! I also made a girly girl banner for my girlfriend's little girl - Nicole. Her banner is meant to hang in her new bedroom. It's for her birthday which is this Saturday, the day before Colton's! It will be a fun filled birthday weekend and I can't wait to help celebrate Colty & Nicole turn One Year Old!


  1. fun stuff!! you are go getter!
    i am planning a wedding in september!!
    adorable blog hun! :)

  2. Thanks so much Annie and congratulations! September is a gorgeous month for a wedding. I hope you visit again soon. Happy planning!

    xo, Jessica