DIY Dinner Party Decor

Tonight Ben & I got organized for our dinner with our families tomorrow night. I have an abnormal psych exam on Thursday morning that shamefully enough, I haven't really even begun studying for yet due to lots of other assignments that seem to be piling up all too quickly. So it was nice to have Ben's help. He picked up the table and chairs, cleaned the house and helped me set everything up. I must say we make a pretty good team when it comes time to rise to the challenge.

 When he went to get the chairs, they handed him bright yellow chairs. He said his first thought was something along the lines of "Uhh - Jessica is gonna freak!" He said his second thought was something like "Do you have any grey ones back there or something ... " I had purchased bright yellow flowers for the table at the same time unknowingly - luckily! Otherwise we would have had some really bright misplaced yellow chairs beneath our bums. Yes we are going to eat in the living room! We have no dining area, however, it turned out very pretty! We're really looking forward to having our family all together for dinner tonight.

Here are a few of the details I included in the decor which were all DIY projects:

** A banner made of cream fabric doilies with slate blue fabric in between each doilie. I strung it on twine **

** Flower arrangements consisting of long grass, other greenery, yellow ball-like flowers that I don't actually know the name of! The arrangements also included cream tulips. Hint: To make you tulips stand more straight rather than sloped, place a penny in the bottom of the vase. Sometimes the slope look is perfect but other times it works better to have them standing tall (which I chose this time) **

** I tied the same slate blue fabric from the banner, around the mason jar vases as well. I tied it into a shabby looking bow. Hint: The fabric came from a really pretty cloth napkin that I've had forever and have never used. Thought it might be better put to use this way instead & turns out it's pretty darn cute! **

** I used a vinyl table cloth found at Superstore. The pattern included a cream base with slate and navy blue leap like stencils. I bought a 12 inch roll of burlap and fitted it over the table cloth to create a more rustic feel. You can find burlap at any garden store or somewhere like Home Depot. Cheap & pretty = perfect **

** I also tied the slate blue and paisley fabric in bows around the middle of my cupcake tier which I'm going to use to put the French Macaroons on tomorrow **

** I tied the paisley fabric around the stems of the wine glasses **

** I made a small  circular paper garland to hang in the corner off of our paper lanterns **

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