A Letter for Year One

Dear Colton,
Tomorrow all the people who love you so very much are celebrating your first birthday. I never imagined you'd turn one so quickly. I don't think any of us did. I never imagined I could love something so much, so fast. On the morning you were born, there were so many people waiting for you outside the delivery room. You brought two families together in less than 24 hours!

Your Mom asked me a few months prior if I would sit with her through your birth. I had never really held a tiny baby and I definitely had never watched a birth. With this in mind, your Mom suggested we go to a few birthing classes before hand and so we did. The classes were easy. Not so easy for either of us on the day of your birth. Your Mom was really nervous for the surgery and I was praying to God over and over, even bargaining with him - "If there is any time in my life that I need to be centered and calm, it's now!" I knew how much your Mom trusted me. I knew that all she could see were my eyes beyond the mask and my eyes never lie. I remember imagining that if I was THIS scared, then your Mom must be terrified. Once the c-section began, the female doctor said `are you girls ready!` We both replied `yeah` in tiny girly voices and a synchronized manner. The whole room laughed as they brought you out and into our big world!

Colton this next year will be an exciting one for you! Not only are you learning to laugh, share and throw your puppy her ball, you are going to become a big brother! We always want you to know just how loved you are.    I know we all tell you this all the time but it can`t be said enough - we cannot imagine our lives today without you. Just like your Poppa always tells your Mommy, me and your Uncle Chayse - we will always be the wild ones cheering you on!

Happy 1st Birthday Colty!

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