I'm Invited!

Yay! I'm invited! I'm so excited to share the invite I received the other night from my sister-in-law for my bridal shower. Isn't she sweet as pie? You may have to click on the invite to read what it says. Carla is extra creative and has an amazingly natural style she exudes everyday from her fresh face and relaxed aura, to her adorable laid back outfits. I have no idea what's in store but with all our friends and family around, it'll be just perfect.

P.S. The font Carla used is one of my all time favorites. It's actually the same font we chose for things like the reserved seating signs, the dessert signs, the wedding program, our bride & groom chair signs and more. She doesn't know that though so I'll have to tell her it's just that perfect! It's called Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen and can be found at dafont and downloaded super easily!

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