DIY Fabric Pom Pom Tutorial

I've seen this idea out and about but thought it would be difficault and complicated to make. Once I actually took the time to read the instructions, I realized it was easy peezy! It doesn't take nearly as long as the cupcake garland so I'm planning on making atleast six or so to hang above our dessert table at the reception. Let me know if you try it out and how it worked!

What You'll Need 

* Hot Glue Gun 
* Styrofoam balls (whatever size you like)
* Fabric of your choice 

Step 1
* Cut your chosen fabric into circles. Size doesn't matter all that much. I used some that were bigger than others.

Step 2
* Fold your circle in half and secure with a little glue and then fold it in half again and secure once more with a little glue.

Step 3
* Place the fabric onto the Styrofoam and hold for a moment to ensure it sticks on well. Continue to do this until you cover the whole ball.

Step 4
* If you like, hang your fabric pom with co-ordinating colored ribbon from the ceiling above a dessert table, or use it as pretty decor for a birthday party, baby/bridal shower or even just to add a little somethin' to your home decor!

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