Mad as a Hatter

Ben & I decided we needed a relaxed night out so last night we went to see Alice in Wonderland. It was pretty bizarre but the kind of bizarre that I relate to. I lovvvvved it! I'm not sure which character I liked more - the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, Alice or the Crazy Hare! I loved the Red Queen's constant beckoning "Off with her head!" The world might be an easier place if we could just say that every time someone disagreed with us. Kidding, kidding. But she sure was bossy! Not at all like me .... lol. There was plenty of reference to the original Alice in Wondering although it also had a lot of interesting modern updates (Ben wasn't as fond of them). He kept wondering why they changed this or that. I had to explain to him the difference between the original film and the new film that they've marketed to appeal to a broader audience. Of course I loved Alice's pretty frilly dresses and ballet flats and the Mad Hatter's amazingly gorgeous make up too!

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