Mod Cloth Love

I stumbled across Mod Cloth a few days ago during my desperate search for the perfect vintage inspired soles. It didn't take me long to realize I was hooked. Right now they're featuring a sort of Alice in Wonderland inspired section! Has everyone seen the new movie? I am so excited to see it! I keep holding off because I'm so looking forward to it that I already don't want it to end. I love Disney movies and I LOVED Alice! Check out Mod Cloth right away if not sooner & check out their pretty pretty pieces. * Like the PB & J wallet and the belt buckle bangle! * Below are just a few of my favorite picks from their collections. 

* Power Bloom Dress $47.99 *
What an amazing price point but I would want this either way. I even like the grey attached tank which makes it more everyday than perhaps it might be without. I still don't have a floral dress - I know! I've been looking but I need to commit!

* In The Bow Raspberry Heel $99.99 *
Need there be anymore said?!

* From Little Acorns Scarf $29.99 *
I'm totally into pairing a scarf with your outfits - dressed up or down. I have a TON & anyone who knows me, knows I wear them with almost everything. But a scarf with tiny acorns on it ... how cute.

* Peter Silver Tail Bunny Ring $14.99 *
I own plenty of fashion rings but don't wear many of them anymore. This bunny ring is so sweet but I would definitly be more inclined to wear it if I wore it without my wedding rings. Sometimes I feel like it's all just too much!


  1. The dress, the shoes, the accessories...all so lovely! : )

  2. Aren't they so so pretty! I could have been eying their stuff for hours but life calls so I'll have to get back to it another time ;)