DIY: Wedding Signs & Garland

I thought I'd post some of my latest DIY projects. I can't take all the credit because Ben is equally as crafty and made the dinner & dancing arrow signs. He also made sings for 'wedding' & 'parking'. I just added the pink bow! I like the idea of hanging the garland somewhere around us at the ceremony. Behind us maybe or above us somehow. I know I posted the basics of the cupcake garland recently but in case anyone is still wondering ...

For the garland you'll need:
*  Twine or clear fishing line but twine is prettier
* Cupcake liners. Dye them with tea or food coloring to your preference. My experience was the longer they soak, the better
* Tulle. Cut it to a similar size of your cupcake liners
* A coordinating fabric cut to a similar size of your cupcake liners to add a little something different 
* Ribbon or sheer flowy fabric (which I used). Cut strips to tie between a bundle of your cupcake liners to create a whimsical, charming garland!

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