one rant + one pretty little rave

You know it's sad when you can't sleep at five thirty a.m because you're excited to go to Nanaimo with your fiance - Nanaimo is barely an hour away! It's okay if you consider my life to be a sad story right now - I don't blame you. But I would rather go ANYWHERE than have to look at microsoft word for another day, while the March sun peeks through my curtains tempting me to put down my books and get outside. I`m taking today away from my computer and away from my books and although I`ll be back at it Sunday afternoon I`m sure, I`m going to enjoy today for what it is - a break! We are heading to Nanaimo to choose wedding rings and to create a wedding registry through the Bay. It`s no trip to Vegas but I`ll take it - our day will come.

 P.S. Here`s a peek at my handmade blusher veil which I`m in love with!! Don`t mind the just-out-of-shower hair & face but you get the idea!

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