burlap beauty

What I already love about today: plenty of sunshine with a mix of strong wind. It feels like a true late winter day - beautiful! I wanted to post one more little bit of inspiration before I attempt to decorate our dinner table with a touch of burlap. I didn't realize it was so inexpensive. For a 12 ft bundle, it was $10 although you can probably purchase it in 24 ft bundles as well. I think I'll probably have to put cream table linens underneath it & I'm still not sure if I'll use it for a table runner or over the whole table. I'm going to try a little mock up of the table before next Wednesday's dinner.  We'll have to see. But so far I'm excited!


  1. I love that chair uber cute. This blog is so pretty xxx

  2. Oh Thanks so much! Hope you visit often, xo