party party

Yes while it is Alice in Wonderland inspired, I also thought this would be perfect Tuesday inspiration for a baby shower, or welcoming rather. I am already on the look out for pretty tips for my sister's second 'baby welcoming' we'll call it. No gifts or baby games, just a pretty celebration where everyone who has been anticipating this little bebe can finally come and visit and hold! And of course a place where Colty can run free like the little dinosaur that he is. It's okay Colty - we love dinosaurs. He is really into rawwwwrrr'ing while he's zooming around from one room to the next. I've had my head so far in my books that I haven't seen him in the past week and a bit and I miss him so much - especially when I hear his little  rawwwrrr'ing over the phone. We still don't know what sex this baby will be - a boy or girl, so the party details will depend but I'm ready for anything. I like the idea of having a few treats on top of a candle holder ... cute. Perhaps not practical but absolutely cute for a smaller, more adult affair.

 P.S. Notice the 'drink me' capsule on the table - cute! P.S. again! I hear a real life version of Sleeping Beauty is coming and that Angelina Jolie may play the wicked witch?? .. 

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