DIY: Paper Banner

I've been working on making a paper banner to place along the front of our head table at the wedding for a while now. I realized that it's mostly done and I don't have photos from the beginning stages although I wanted to post some sort of simple tutorial up. So let me see if I can walk you through some steps.

* Scrapbook paper (I found mine at Scrapbook Central across from the volleyball courts downtown) and they have a huge variety of choices. It may be easier for you to know what colors you were hoping for before you go in. They have a section on simple one color sheets which as you can I used here to break up my banner, although  it's totally up to you!

* You may also choose to use fabric if your blessed with sewing skills. I am not and I can say that I come by that naturally. My Mum is so so not a sewer. She exudes plenty of amazingness in other areas but she's the first to admit - sewing is not one of them! So I stay clear of sewing projects. I like simple. 

* You want to cut your paper into triangles to start. Use your pencil and a ruler to measure the triangles on the back of the paper. I never get caught up in the size because it ends up looking kinda cute if they're different. 

* Get yourself a hole puncher and a hot glue gun.

* You will also need either bakers twine (the colored stuff) or regular twine (like I've used here) to string your  paper on to. 

*A little embellishment perhaps? Ribbon is always pretty. I tied a few small bows here and there. I also used tulle, which you can barely see there under the J. I used blush pink fabric and simply tied it here and there. I also added a few glass charms but things like feathers, buttons, little flowers - whatever you can find!
I've also used scrapbook lettering for our initials. I actually cut out the J from something else and glued it to that particular cut out. 

* One last idea? Use other colors of paper to cut out shapes like circles to create polka dots or a wavy circle figure to make it look like a fuffy flower or something like I did below. 

* You can also make a mini banner for say a baby room. I made one for a friend's little girl and I just cut the paper triangles much smaller - super cute! 

Have fun!

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