Table for ... 8

How simple is this? Definitely a laid back way to have a place card at a casual dinner party. We are having both our families at our place for dinner in two weeks. Our wedding caterer is coming to cook the meal we will be serving at the wedding. Yes in our condo that currently has no dining table (we eat at our bar mostly). However, I am determined to make it work and make it look - yep you guessed it - pretty! I have a few ideas in mind. Burlap seems to be on a ton of tables this season - cheap, rustic, what more could you ask for. Ideas for fun table settings?? I checked out Real Simple & Country Living.


  1. one of my calligraphy clients did her escort/place cards this way for her wedding...it was so cute! would work great for a rehearsal dinner too!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I think I may try it out! Couldn't be any more simple & it's obviously free - can't argue with that!