DIM (Do it Myself)

Just another sneak peak at my DIM projects. I'm feeling pretty proud - I dismantled my Ikea chandelier all by myself today without any technical support from my handy man Ben. It's probably my favorite thing thus far. Although, since Ben has just about as much free time as I have right now, I'm going to have to suck my Dad into building me some type of pretty canopy or arbor so we can actually hang the chandelier.

I also added cream ribbon to big mason jars and added a vintage charm to each one. There's six of them to hold the girls' bouquets on the head table at the reception. I decided to try making an over sized cupcake garland with coffee filters. It's big and fluffy looking and I quite like it. I still don't know where or even if I'll be able to use it for the wedding decor but I'd like to try! The bottom photo is a fabric flower I made but I'm not sure what it's purpose is quite yet! I'm not at all sure how much money these DIM decor projects have saved me although probably quite a bit in reality. Although, I'm starting to try and really wind down because all the little bits here and there add up pretty quick!

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