the veil - une fini!

I know this week was a short one but it felt like an extra long one! I was glad to wake up to Friday today. I was even happier that Ben got home from school last night after being away all week. Tonight was my first and final dress fitting. I was lucky enough to only have to have minor adjustments made - just hemming and straps. They aren't really straps but I can't say much more.

I was not expecting to love the whole look so much, I must say. It was my first time seeing all the pieces together - veil + dress + shoes = love! It's much more dramatic than I had intended but a little dramatic fashion never hurt anyone and I think it's pretty much 'me'. I'm really starting to see all the plans come together now, although, I never imagined I would a year and a half ago. My next mission? To find a floral, vintage inspired dress to wear to my bridal shower in May. Actually my next mission is to get a full nights sleep without the 1, 3, and 5 am racing mind wake up. But since I've been writing papers like crazy tonight, I suspect I might doze off nicely!  

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