lifes a pearl

I'm so glad I did a final try on of all my wedding day attire tonight - shoes, accessories, sweaters and all. Angela came by and lent a hand in doing up laces, judging between two potential wedding day pearl necklaces, and doing some final alterations on my blusher veil. I could not be any happier with the way things have turned out. I never imagined one year ago, that everything would have come together the way it has. I stood pretty solid with what I had envisioned although there are always times when your ideas don't pan out and you're forced to go another route. I now see that it's completely normal to go back and forth, changing styles and wants for your big day a ton of times. 

Onto fashion, I've ironically enough, decided to wear my .75 CENT blush pink pearls I 
scored at the Salvation Army thrift store rather than my chunky ivory pearl necklace I paid way too much for. I think it's meant to be. I considered throwing them both together for a layered look like below but it was just a TAD too much ;) I would love to say 'when is it ever' .. too much I mean, however, I think there really is a point when it's too much. I suppose I had to agree that this would have been one of those times but I'm still going to try it out sometime soon! I can't wait to lay my pearls over my neck this Saturday and exchange vows with my fiancé who deserves everything that I have to offer which I hope is a lot!

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