Pretty Palette

* Pretty palette *
Slate Grey & Marigold Yellow

I always feel that yellow has a sort of charm when combined with outdoor elements like green grass, white tents, and natural skies. I love thinking outside the white wedding box. In fact, I'm not much of a white wedding fan. I have seen a few unbelievably beautiful white weddings, although, it's not necessarily easy to pull off a classic all white event. Will someone I know please go for the yellow & grey color scheme already?! Hello gorgeous.
P.S. If you're into white weddings, check out green wedding shoes latest post on a fabulously inspiring white soirée with modern flecks of rich gold and dark grey. Sounds interesting huh? Yes indeed!


  1. I love this colour palette!! So chic and cute :) What are your colours going to be???

  2. Hi Rhiannon! Oh we just had our wedding on June 5th! Our colors were light pinks and creams. I suppose I should be posting a few photos soon?! ;) I'll do that, so check back soon!