Our Wedding: The Tent

Oh how I love to look at our wedding shots over and over again. I think the reason I haven't yet posted any photos of our wedding is because so many of the people we know have seen them already, although, I suppose I should have considered my friends within the blog world! So here I am, hoping that you enjoy these keepsakes of our lovely wedding day! I'm going to work a little backwards here and show you today, just a little of the tent details from the reception. We were so lucky to have Ben's parent's share their family farmland with us plus 125 guests on June 5th' 2010. My thoughts around decor centered around just a few things; peonies, vintage, chandeliers, tea cups and my favorite thing of all - PINK! I was so hesitant to have fushia colored napkins because I couldn't picture them matching, although, in reality they brought a fun hit of color to the tables. I also knew right away that I DIDN'T want the usual round guest tables. I thought it was a little more grande looking in a long pattern. We weren't sure they'd fit with a 40 X 40 tent but we were determined! Last of all, I LOVED the ceiling which, at first, I worried it might be too much. It was perfect with the draped, airy fabric and stringed ivory lighting.There are lots of other categories I will blog about regarding the wedding, in the next week so check back soon! 

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