Our Wedding: The beginning of new beginnings

Our little fairytale wedding ... that's what I like to call it! May I suggest a little pre-planning tip before you continue on?!  Because I'm big fan of organization, I sorted all of my online inspiration into different folders with different categories on my computer. For example, "Hair & Makeup", "Flowers", "DIY Projects", "Reception Decor" and many more. Our entire wedding was in true DIY style. We made everything from the wedding programs, the Reserved and Bride & Groom chair signs, our arbor, monogram signs for the back of our wedding party chairs, a cupcake garland banner to hand on our candy table buffet (which will all be posted next), a paper banner that hung across the front of the head table, all the candy labels, chalkboards that welcomed guests to our reception and displayed information for the bar. It's quite possible I'm forgetting other projects, in fact, I'm certain I am but that's enough for now! I began our wedding planning with no real plans to go THAT far with saving money and doing things ourselves, although, once I got started I realized how much happier I was with what I was getting when I simply made it exactly myself to my own liking. I had even tried a few times to get our wedding program made at a local business but it just wasn't what we were looking for. So in the end, a DIY wedding was perfect for not only our budget but also for my much too Leo like personality!

* Honorable Mentions * 

My sister's dress zipper broke about five minutes before we planned to leave. We had to make an emergency  call to our amazing dress designer (and a very close family friend) Angela, who was here like superwoman to fix it just in time. My sister was 7 months pregnant at that point! 

I chose the song to dance with our parents to at the last moment because I had forgotten even though Ben and I had reminded one another a zillion times before then.

We didn't end up doing a garter or bouquet toss because the night just rolled on and we didn't even think twice about interrupting the flow! P.S. I made my own pretty garter which can be found here

I didn't realize the candy buffet (which also included my home made chocolate cake pops and my favorite spicy ginger cooking my wonderful Aunt makes for me all the time) was going to be so popular so I think we probably ran short in terms of what I think people would have eaten had we had more. 

Wedding planning is meant to have a few bumps in the road, although, My Dad was right all along .... in the end it really is solely about you and your partner. None of the decor or details matter as long as you're there together making your commitment to one another. So Dad, yes you were right. I said it. I'm just glad I got to feel it when our wedding day finally came and after all the stresses that planning can bring.

Through our blue eyes, our day was flawless. Our friends and family and especially my gorgeous bridal party, made every effort to be sure things were well taken care of. Ben and I enjoyed the entire day and night together to the fullest which is all that we had hoped for! Enjoy the photos, I know we are :)

Once we signed away, things were official! We had definitely tied the knot and I think we were both pretty excited about it!

I love this photo taken right after the ceremony ended of Ben & his Dad looking eye to eye. 

And this photo taken after the ceremony as well ... of Ben and I looking eye to eye. Looking straight into Ben's eyes is one of the most intense feelings I've ever experienced. 

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