Recent Happenings & Baby Sip & See Invite Draft

I haven't been as active with my blog as I had hoped to be this summer. I know I've read this many times over on blogs I follow daily so I know I'm not the only gal who falls victim to neglecting her blog! Although, that doesn't make me feel a whole lot better about it. On the sunny side of things, the past few weeks have brought lots of fun, new stuff my way ...
* Two baby boy lion head bunnies - Leo & Libra. Very cute and oh so loved although a word of advice to potential bunny owners - MUST have patience. (I think) it's quite normal for bunnies to be pretty nervous and skiddish the first few weeks. I've made progress with them though!

* I bought a (new to me) but older, vintage cruiser for myself from the funky Freakin Coffee Shop across the street from our place. It's a mellow yellow color with fun handle bars! The only thing I really need now is a basket for the front and a little motivation to fix it up a little here and there.
Okay that's pretty much all but it's all very exciting! Other things that have been taking up my time: getting started with the plans for Casey's baby 'Sip & See'. She will be having a planned C-section at 7:30 am on August 25th - I can't believe that she'll be having a new baby in the next month!
I've also been working on a surprise project that I'll be sure to blog about once it's done this August.

Below are the colors I'm planning to go with for Casey's 'Sip & See'. For the fun of creativity, I'm calling them  'Petal Pink, Fresh Peach and Little Boy Blue'. I am going to go with the colors from the children's book "Pat the Bunny" and if all goes according to plan, this will be the invite. Or the draft anyhow. Generally I'm not into blue & pink (as I mentioned in an earlier post), although, I really love the soft look of them both together and the Fresh Peach is a plus! Because this is baby # 2 for my sister and because *he's* arriving not long after Colton was born, they've been blessed with TONS of baby things and need very little for baby # 2. I'm hoping to find a way to let people know that while gifts are very much appreciated, they are probably not necessarily needed. I'm thinking something along the lines of "please bring only your fabulous selves!" What do you think?!

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