adventures of a pink bike

I had an interest in buying an old bike and revamping it a little but I didn't think I would find something so perfect so fast! All we had to do was walk across the street to the Freakin Coffee Shop and there it was. Lemon drop yellow and not necessarily for sale, I inched over to it admiring it's sunshine hue. Maya, the owner of the shop, said that she would be willing to sell it, however, it needed some work. I asked Ben if he was up for the "work" because he would likely be the one stuck doing most of it and as you see below, he was (spraying the candy pink coating). I did, however, help where I could! There is still more to do so we'll continue to clean it up when we can. The wicker basket was given to me for my birthday last week from my family ~ it also comes right off with snap buttons so I can take it into the market or grocery store with me. Today we added a pink bike lock and mini bike bell to the bike accessory list (also thanks to my family)!

I brought my pink bike back over to the coffee shop for some fixing up by the pros (Maya and Sperlin) and when we went to pick it up today, Maya and Sperlin gave Ben an old blue cruiser like mine. We are super excited and of course SO thankful. Sperlin said he's "passing it on" so I think that we'll be doing the same at some point with something soon! Good karma to you Sperlin (as if you didn't have it already!)

P.S. I'm going to blame my lack of blogging to the annoyance of my edited photos taking much too long to upload on my blogger account. Thinking of re-locating my blog unless I can find another option because while I love blogging, I'm a busy gal and don't have forever to wait for them. Who does?! 

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