funky boutique style & a little journaling

I love those full boutiques where there's so many fun things in them that it takes you an hour to stop and peek around at everything. The creativity shines through this first boutique - pink lanterns and shabby chic touches ... j'adore! The middle boutique looks a little more modern and cozy. And the third looks peaceful and creative (especially with the twigs holding items). I just can't seem to shake my craving for creativity and freedom, not that I want to - it just seems to sometimes veer me away from my more practical side. For those of you who know me, you know that what I am on my way to do professionally, would generally be considered on the completely opposite side of the scale to what I love to do in my more personal life. I've been battling with myself the entire summer over how I can continue to go on to do what I feel is the right thing for me to do professionally (for many reasons) and the part of me that's wants to go on my own creative journey (which could be a number of things). I don't want to wind up harboring resentment because I didn't go and make things happen for myself (things that I've wanted to do on a creative level for a long time). On the other hand, I'm already beginning to feel like because of what I'll be doing professionally, I NEED to create that outlet of freedom and vision. I keep wondering if maybe I'll get lucky and it will all just fall into place, although, I know it may not and I want to be prepared for that if that's the case. Perhaps I've made sense to someone or perhaps I've just mumbled on for 20 minutes, although, in either case thank you for listening! I consider this to be my creative outlet of the day and now I'm off to practice my more practical side with another long afternoon of an insight into psychology and addiction.  

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