Baby E Sip & See

Eli's baby shower was a quiet one compared to Colton's. I actually got to sit down and eat a piece of cake with everyone - it was fantastic, lol! Eli slept mostly the entire time and Colton was low key compared to his usual monkey self. He had THE cutest outfit on. His jeans were adorable. I had been planning my sister's baby shower since before Eli was born and I had decided to keep the decor as planned, whether she had a girl or boy. Since everyone was convinced Eli was going to be a boy, I managed to keep the pink minimal. I think it's important to keep in mind that when you're styling a baby shower, you're celebrating the Mumma as well so even if the stork brings a boy, a little femininity has it's place. The original Pooh books were found at the used book store in Coombs about two months before Eli was born and all the fabric I used for the table cloths and the banner were found at the Thrift store. I adored the cake - it couldn't have turned out more perfect. I had it made at Cakebread on Fifth Street here in the Valley. Even the peach bunny was passed onto us by a family friend. It had been her children's when they were little, plus, it was hand made by their Grandma so it was nice to keep it close to home and put it to some use. My sister was so grateful and she enjoyed a low key afternoon which was the best part of all.
Happy One Month Eli. We love you like crazy.


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