M.O.R.E Halloween Ideas!

I love the following (in order): 

* Lace backdrop behind your main table 
* Painting or re covering old books and using them for your Halloween decor
* Painted black and white pumpkins, especially with glitter details
* Simply painted pumpkin
* Black leafy vine mantle decor and I love the idea of writing your eerie words on your pumpkins
* Using your pumpkin as a vase for twigs and such

I have so many half completed projects going on and it's not the best feeling. Half complete future school assignments, party projects, personal to-do's. And believe it or not, I am sick again ... I didn't think I'd ever be sick again after my awful cough and cold I had all September long. Ben feels like I have too many things going on and I truly do hate the admit it but I think he may be right. I don't know about you, but when I'm run down, my body shows it. I usually wind up getting sick. Ben and I were woken in the middle of the night by our adorable but mischievous bunnies. He swears the cage needs to be bulletproof because they're always doing things that we can't seem figure out how they do it. That was that - neither of us slept for the next two hours. So today, I'm blogging quickly, and I cancelled an appointment I had so I can sit here without interruption and complete my term paper outline and hopefully more. Because I need to complete something today - too many things hanging in the balance ;)

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