DIY Pumpkin Renos

Today's been a busy day so far, doing all the things I had on my list EXCEPT much to less of the one thing that I REALLY needed to do - homework and p.s. it's due tomorrow ... it's my final semester and I know I just need to buckle it down baby but it's so distracting with all the fun things I'd rather be doing - like doing crafty projects and learning to cook. But today I incorporated all three - crafting, cooking and homework and I couldn't have done it all without my kick of Sunday caffeine (a grande Vanilla Earl Grey Tea Misto, which I only have while doing our Sunday grocery shopping at Safeway). I made Ben and I spicy chicken lasagna rolls for dinner tonight. I am trying to make more dinners so we'll have to see how this turns out. I'm pretty impressed with myself thus far! If it sounds like something you might like, here is the lasagna rolls recipe from the Food Network. Of course, I don't follow all the rules of the recipes - I usually substitute one thing for another here and there. I bought a few mini pumpkins and I decided they'd fit into my Halloween party decor a little better if they were a simple shade of white. I went a little nuts with the paint and decided to paint my skeleton garland which cost me next to nothing anyhow so I think it was a good choice. Affordable, chic and a little eerie - I think that's what I said I'd hoped for in my last post?? P.S. I love this new hazy light blue Ben painted our place! Best husband award perhaps! Enjoy your Sunday.

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